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Q: What can be monetized with interactive voice ads?

A: Any online device, media, service or game that has a speaker and a microphone



Voice-Activated Ads Are Best Suited for:


Media, services and games with on-the-go, multitasking or in-car consumption

Music and podcasts, casual games, navigators, fitness trackers, mobile commerce

Voice-First Platforms Publishing

Radio apps, Podcasts, News

Other Hands-Free Products and Screenless Devices

IoT devices, wearables, digital signage







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Why Voice Ads


Voice is a natural way for people to communicate and the most convenient way to interact with devices too. Especially in our on-the-go mobile and ever-connected society

The audio ad format does not compete with other advertising formats since it does not compete for screen real estate. You continue to earn revenues with existing ad formats while building a new incremental monetization channel for your publishing with higher CPM interactive voice ads.

Advertisements with voice response are at once familiar and uniquely engaging. Conversational engagement makes voice ads personal and useful in ways that were previously not possible. Driving better engagement and reducing annoyance to users while each interaction provides measurable and actionable data to the publisher


Voice-activated ads are the only way for publishers to be present and monetize across the new generation of screen-less and hands-free devices. As customers rapidly adopt voice command to instruct their devices, so advertisers need to follow their attention and integrate with these platforms in a natural way.



The Voice Era Is Already Here



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Is Google aware that Voice First devices will break the pay-per-click business model? This question was originally answered on Quora by Brian Roemmele. provides an AI-powered platform for voice-activated advertisements on mobile and voice-first platforms.

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