of Voice-Activated
  • Guaranteed delivery and listen-through.
  • Super user friendly and Interactive ad unit.
  • Respect listener’s time and only share ad details to those indicating interest.
  • No fraud and accidental engagement.
  • No clutter. No other ads or content served or consumed.
  • 100% Share of Voice.
  • New, exclusive and innovative ad format.
  • Consistent with media consumption trends.
Stas Tushinskiy, CEO

“Voice-activated audio technology is the biggest breakthrough in audio advertising in the last 70 years. Voice-activated audio ads allow users to interact with ads, literally speaking with the brand.

People are more likely to remember and respond to what has been verbally stated than just seen or heard. Voice-activated audio advertising do just that—it represents a dialogue, not a monologue with the audience.”


Stas Tushinskiy, CEO

allows media companies, ad agencies, networks and ad tech providers to
engage audience with dialogue-based audio advertising.

Q: What can be monetized with interactive voice-activated ads?

A: Any sound-enabled mobile app including on-demand music, radio streaming, podcasting, fitness, gaming, video, messaging and many more. in the news

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